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We have composed numerous articles auditing different pieces of Lagos, especially Lagos island, so the group at Neighborhood survey chose to give a broad audit of what living on Lagos terrain involves.

We will concentrate on the key conditions that will settle on your choice to live on Lagos terrain charming or possibly not all that good.

Albeit wonderful, we really want to make reference to the way that there are various ghettos situated here. A portion of the prevalent ghettos here are Mushin, Oshodi, Ajegunle, Agege, Makoko, Oworonshoki, and so on. Living on the Mainland is really surprisingly good and these are a few reasons why:

security On The territory


Security is imperative to any person when settling on where to dwell and begin a family. Security in Lagos for the most part can’t be portrayed as first rate, as there have been accounted for instances of equipped burglaries and other brutal wrongdoings in different pieces of the city, from Ikoyi, Lekki and Ajah on the island, to the celebrated thefts in Festac and Ikorodu on the terrain. In any case, the event of wrongdoings, for example, traffic thefts, vehicle grabbing, pickpocketting, horde assaults and so forth appear to be more on the terrain than on the island.

In the event that you are to encounter a savage wrongdoing in Lagos, there is a higher probability of it occurring on the terrain than on the island. The greater part of the ghettos in Lagos are situated on the terrain and they contain huge quantities of jobless young people, in this manner the improved probability of wrongdoing. Likewise, the structure of a large portion of the areas on Lagos territory make them more powerless to wrongdoing than those on the island. On the island, a large portion of the private neighborhoods are inside gated domains with outfitted security agents, while most local locations on the territory are open lanes. Be that as it may, there is additionally a developing number of all around arranged and secure domains on the terrain that have equivalent security arrangements with those on the island.

The Lagos state government is doing a great deal to diminish wrongdoing over the state, and as of late put being used a decent number of marked watch vehicles, control bicycles and helicopters.

Concerning transportation, there are plentiful decisions for moving around. The BRT transports are as yet utilitarian, however very little not the same as the normal transports (Danfo) as far as look and level of solace managed. On the off chance that you are on the territory, there are consistently transports to take you to any of the significant transport leaves (oshodi, Ojuelegba, Ikeja, Ojota and so forth.) from where you will consistently get another transport to take you to the precise zone you plan going. In the event that you mean driving, consistently be set up for the frenzy of Lagos streets.


The significant traffic hotspots on Lagos terrain are :

Oshodi – Apapa road

Mile 2


The traffic on third territory connect is principally brought about by the volume of vehicles employing the street, as the street is perceptibly free during non top periods ( 9 am – 3 pm) and on ends of the week. The Oshodi – Apapa freeway is scandalous for its entirely awful traffic gridlock, to the degree individuals even conceive an offspring in rush hour gridlock. You can spend as much as 5 hours along that street because of traffic. The awful street, oil tanker drivers and the nearness of tank ranches for oil based goods in the territory all add to the horrible traffic. The traffic in Ikotun is essentially brought about by the awful streets.


For the most part, the most ideal approach to evade traffic in Lagos is to live near your work environment, and ideally in regions that can be gotten to by different streets (regions with elective courses). On the off chance that you work in Victoria island or Ikoyi, the best zones to remain on the terrain are Surulere and Yaba as these territories are very focal and can be gotten to effectively through numerous courses.



Power blackouts are synonymous with Nigeria. PHCN once in a while gives light every day, and in any event, when they do, it’s just for brief measure of time (perhaps for around 2 hours to 6 hours in a day relying upon where you live). A few zones haven’t seen light in months.

Your most logical option for accomplishing continuous power supply on the Mainland would be in gated networks (Estates). Numerous homes for the most part have a brought together power station which gives power to its inhabitants to hours without end (however scarcely ever for 24 hours). Power cuts are very surprising in these regions, aside from times when a transformer explodes (however this is normally amended in a convenient manner by the domain support organization). Domains like the GRA (Government Reserved Area), Ajao Estate and Magodo are lovely homes that have different conveniences fit to the occupants taste and needs.

murtala mohammed worldwide air terminal Lagos, Nigeria


The worldwide Airport is situated in the Ikeja territory of the Mainland. This makes this piece of the Lagos territory an extremely bustling area every day.

Living around there can be incredible, state you have a 10 am flight and are not so much a morning person. You could begin your day around 8am, and go out around 8.50 or 9am to make it on schedule for your flight (in contrast to Islanders, who need to wake up hours preceding registration time so as to beat the tireless traffic on the Lekki turnpike). .


In the event that you are considering working for a Multinational Manufacturing firm, at that point the Mainland is the ideal spot for you to live. This hotspot has a few assembling organizations from different Industries including the accompanying: Cadbury Nig. Plc., Dunlop Nig. Plc., Freisland Foods Wamco Nig. Plc., May and Baker, Nigerian Breweries Plc., Unilever Nig. Plc.


Like the Island, there are a great deal of intriguing exercises to get into while living on the Mainland. There is the Lagos Country Club where you can participate in a large number of recreational exercises, for example, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Golf, Squash, Swimming and a large group of other fun exercises for you and the family.

There are additionally various 5 star lodgings in the Mainland region. In the event that you’ve quite recently returned from a long flight (fly slack is beginning to kick in) and are not actually excited about encountering the ceaseless traffic that has gotten synonymous with Lagos, at that point you can hold up at the absolute best lodgings the Mainland brings to the table. Some of which are; Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Jonesville Hotel, Hotel Beatrix, Spicery Hotel, Rockwell Suites, Lion door Hotel, Hilton Palace Hotel and so on. Likewise, there is the Ikeja City Mall which houses a scope of stores for dress, nourishment, hardware, kitchenware, gems and so on. There is likewise a film at the shopping center for every one of those motion picture fans. You can get your preferred films whenever of the day relying upon your calendar. Night clubs are in abundance on the Mainland, on the off chance that you are the dance club sort of individual, at that point clubs like Roadrunners, Life Club, Kabiyesi Bar and Nite club, Rumors will energize spots to visit. Other fun spots for nightlife stimulation searchers.

Likewise, finding a spot to fill your stomach on the Lagos terrain is unquestionably simple. For the individuals who wish to eat at a portion of the high class and progressively costly cafés, they are ruined for decisions. There is the yellow chill and seven in birds spike in ikeja, searching for chinese cafés in Lagos? you can attempt the Dechills Hind in Surulere, Pool patio at Anthony way and the Rhapsody at Alausa just to give some examples. Here nourishment costs fall between the scopes of 2000 and 5000 a feast, contingent upon your inclination. A speedy inquiry on google maps will give you a rundown of well known fun spots near you.


Working together ON LAGOS MAINLAND With regards to working together or meeting your shopping needs, there are different malls on the Lagos terrain. The Ikeja city shopping center in the core of Ikeja will in general be the most dynamic and sort subsequent to strip mall. Individuals go out on the town to shop for garments, consumables, hardware, wears and so forth just as things to exchange in different pieces of Nigeria. The ever prominent and occupied PC Village, where you locate each sort of electronic, PC or cell phone is the greatest hardware advertise in west Africa. Individuals originate from around the globe to work together in this vigorous IT showcase.

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