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The Lekki Airport is a pipeline venture attached to the massive accomplishment of the Free Trade Zone, Deep Sea Port, and the accessibility of speculators. The immense arrive on the left, around 8KM to the Epe Bridge (while driving along Lekki – Epe Express) is the site of the proposed Airport.The Lagos state government expects for it to be a Public-Private Partnership venture is as yet looking for financial specialists to cooperate with to realize the undertaking. The site is as yet empty.

In any case, when it is in the end fabricated, it would incite the valuation for properties inside the region; like the way the Ikeja Airport and different air terminals the nation over have business exercises around them.

Domain advancements here incorporate Lagoon Courts, Brooksville Courts, Roseberry Estate and Folk-land Estate


Dish Atlantic University (parent organization of Lagos business college) presently has its primary grounds at Elaraingbe, soon after Eleko Junction in Ibeju-Lekki. The school has started its undergrad programs on this grounds.

Notwithstanding, this has unquestionably not increased the value of landed properties nor helped business exercises in the region as the University is exclusive and understudies live and interface inside the college grounds.

Land improvements around there incorporate Lekki Villas Phase 2.


The Lekki Free Trade Zone is situated along Free Trade Zone street (FTZ street). The FTZ is now dynamic with around 70 organizations as of now in activity (especially Chinese multinationals). Nonetheless, business exercises have not gotten as the Deep Sea Port expected to support business exercises in the zone is still being worked on.

Lekki Free Trade Zone, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos

The Free Trade Zone will absolutely be a triumph as Lagos is one of the greatest business focuses in Africa and organizations would welcome the duty motivators it offers.

Homes along the Free Trade Zone street are Rehoboth Gardens, Oakwood Gardens stage 2, Paradise Gardens, Pen Gardens Phase 1, Victoria Spring Courts, Cherry Wood Courts, Brooksville Courts.

Remote ocean PORT

The Lekki Deep Sea Port is situated inside the Free Trade Zone and is as of now under development. (Peruse increasingly here – seaports-prospects-and-difficulties 2/).

Dredgers in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos

Generally, ports are known to become business centers and populace focuses, with an insurance improvement of related foundation and organizations because of port exercises. The course of events set for the consummation of the Lekki remote ocean port is 2019 (Read More Here – 2019/), however an increasingly sensible conjecture for when it will turn out to be completely dynamic will be something close to 2025.


Dangote bunch is putting $14 billion in the improvement of a treatment facility, a petrochemical and a manure plant inside the Lekki Free Trade Zone. These activities are right now a work in progress and over $4 billion have been spent on the undertakings as of now, however less physical work has been finished. At the point when the Neighborhood Review group visited the site, laborers were all the while setting up the ground, digging, clearing the backwoods, and so on. The manure plant is under development as certain structures have just been set up demonstrating the venture could meet the set objective of being in activity by 2019.

Bulldozers at Lekki organized commerce zone, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos

Dangote Refinery Ibeju Lekki, Lagos

Dangote bunch has expressed that the processing plant could likewise be in activity by 2018, however an increasingly doable gauge would be 2020, thinking about the present state.

This processing plant would be the biggest in Africa.


The present and past governors of Lagos state have emphasized their arrangements to guarantee the ventures in the Ibeju-Lekki zone are effective. Soon after being sworn into office, current Lagos state representative Akinwunmi Ambode visited the Lekki Free Trade Zone to investigate progressing advancements.

map from Lekki to Free exchange zone

Likewise, the Lekki-Epe express is right now being extended.

Representative Akinwunmi Ambode at the charging of the Ajah flyover connect (Jubilee Bridge) on 17 May 2017 said – “We needed to give this task need in view of its key significance to the financial development of the Lekki Free Trade Zone and the Ibeju-Lekki-Epe hub. This pivot will assume a key job later on success of Lagos State as the home to numerous multi-billion naira private interests in the Lekki Free Trade Zone just as the up and coming seaport and air terminal.”


The Lekki FTZ Master Plan is planned for building up the zone as a cutting edge satellite city in Lagos, with new financial capacities, urban help businesses, and land property improvement as the column; in order to advance the general mechanical advancement of the Zone.

By 2025, the improvement of the Ibeju Lekki zone would probably be in 2 discrete classifications. Right off the bat, improvement along the Lekki-Epe Expressway will go further into Ibeju Lekki, making industrialization expand further into the region.

Also, the enterprises along the Free Trade Zone street will actuate business exercises in this satellite city, bringing about a focal business region in the Free Trade zone.

The vast majority who acquire properties in bequest improvements in Awoyaya, Abijo, Lakowe and other outside pieces of Ibeju-Lekki LGA are individuals who work in the Lekki/Victoria Island business locale and do so in light of the fact that terrains in these regions are less expensive than in the areas closer to Victoria Island.

Properties along the Free Trade Zone street (FTZ street) will be in the quick closeness of the Free Trade Zone and at the core of the new satellite town, therefore these properties offer the best potential rate of profitability.

The advancements and business exercises in the FTZ can utilize as much as 50,000 individuals and lead to a town of up to 200,000 in populace. With this, properties near the FTZ will relentlessly ascend in esteem dependent on their nearness to the business area, and by 2035, FTZ street would probably have an improvement design like that of Lekki Phase 1.

Private advancements in the outside pieces of Ibeju-Lekki (Awoyaya, Abijo, Lakowe and so on.) will be situated in the middle of the two business locale of Victoria Island and FTZ and their worth will acknowledge at a more slow rate because of their extensive good ways from both business areas (around 1 hour 45 mins to Victoria Island and 45 mins to FTZ).


One of a kind element of the FTZ street is that there is the nonappearance of a rustic network in the region, and most of the land in the region is being acquired in huge amounts by domain designers. This implies the territory can undoubtedly turn into a highbrow zone as it will for the most part involve arranged private domains, the Atlantic Ocean sea shore, the Free exchange zone and workplaces of a few organizations offering help administrations to the Refinery and Sea Port.

Likewise, the land here is for the most part dry, not at all like in Ibeju Town and Eleranigbe where parts of the terrains are wet and waterlogged.

Once more, the focal street in the zone is wide and the street stipend accessible gives abundant space for further extension. The Lagos state government is quick to maintain a strategic distance from the Apapa botch and will probably grow the street when business exercises top.


There are a few domain advancements all around Ibeju Lekki, directly from the outside parts (Abijo, Awoyaya), right after the Epe Bridge. Nonetheless, as far as anticipated future worth, those along the Free Trade Zone street, Eleko street, and those in Eleranigbe are relied upon to value the most; initially on account of their vicinity to the eventual business center point, and besides in light of the fact that these regions will probably form into highbrow territories since lion’s share of the land has been offered to domain designers who will manufacture well-arranged bequests.

It has been seen that arranged private neighborhoods (e.g Ikota Villa Estate and Chevy see home) experience more improvement and become unmistakably more costly than regions that create because of people in general purchasing lands straightforwardly from the network, without response to any legitimate format or plan covering the region (e.g Agungi).

Other striking regions in Ibeju Lekki with home improvements are featured beneath.


This territory is creating as an expansion of the present Lagos, along the Lekki Epe turnpike.

Guide of Abijo to Ibeju Lekki, Lagos


The improvement of the region isn’t attached to the achievement or disappointment of any significant task.

Littler business areas are as of now creating in the zone, for example, Yomade shopping complex and Mayfair Gardens shopping complex (created by HFP building, like Ikota shopping complex, yet littler).


Now and then, heavy traffic to Victoria Island could last as long as 2 hours, and conceivably 45 minutes’ drive to Lekki Free Trade Zone (because of anticipated minor traffic) when the port and processing plant become completely operational. It is very up to speed in the center.

Since it isn’t situated in the quick region of any of the significant business regions, property gratefulness rates will be more slow than those closer to the significant business areas.

Costs of Lands in these regions are presently almost multiple times that of grounds homes along FTZ street. Be that as it may, the turn around may probably be the situation in 10 years if the tasks along FTZ street are effective. This is like the route properties on the territory were unquestionably more costly than properties in the VGC zone of the island 20 years back, yet now the switch is by all accounts the case.

Land in domains around there right now sell f

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