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The enactment for the foundation of Real Estate Transaction Department was affirmed by an Executive request No. EO/BRF/009 of 2012 by the past Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).

Different Legislation and the Executive request of the State Government for Estate Agents, Developers, Letting Agents and other Property Service Providers were acquainted with make a trustworthy administrative structure and to guarantee that customers are better educated when they buy, sell or let a property inside Lagos State.

As per the previous Governor of Lagos State, the Real Estate industry has gotten one of the most dynamic segments of Lagos State economy. The infrastructural reestablishment strategy of the State Government and expanded open spending on capital tasks have settled on the express a goal of decision for both business and private lodging advancement, and this has prompted an upsurge in Real Estate interests so as to meet the growing business sector. This high market request has anyway made the segment vulnerable to maltreatment by people who take part in various unsalutary practices to the burden of residents of the state.

As a component of the objectives of His Excellency, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu towards guaranteeing security of lives and property, maintains a re-designed Lagos State Real Estate Transaction Department (LASRETRAD) in the Ministry of Housing under the management of the Special Adviser on Housing to direct and reestablish trust in the exercises of Estate Agents in the state.

The association is to work with other significant offices of Government to discover that Lagos inhabitants are enough secured over the span of Real Estate exchanges and to similarly settle in the rule of reasonable play, efficient lead and responsibility in Real Estate part of the state. The office is likewise to guarantee that open and government exercises are done as per the set down standards and guidelines of the state on Real Estate Sector.

As worldwide business and Real Estate speculation increment in the express, the thought of driving this Real Estate based economy must be stressed. Since Lagos State has consistently been a thriving exchanging post of Real Estate Development Nigeria. For a long time, property searchers and merchants are frequently unconscious of the experience and capabilities of various operators or different choices accessible while conceding to exchanges on landed property. Imminent property searchers experience extensive dissatisfaction over deferrals, between the date deals or letting are put or settled upon and when agreements are traded. With this and some more, and furthermore combined with the way that the need to give reasonable lodging to the expanding populace of the state has become a significant worry of the Government, different key advances were taken by the State Government on the foundation of the LASRETRAD.

The new guidelines/guidelines being presented and exuding from the different State Laws, Executive request and others, accommodated the foundation of LASRETRAD and make spaces for the accompanying:

ID of people qualified to be authorized as Estate Agents.

LASRETRAD guidelines and the approach got from them, set out a code of best

practices and prerequisites with respect to how to turn into an authorized operator in the state

furthermore, how objections are to be taken care of with new arrangement of gauges.

The workplace is presently in position to make essential move against Estate Agents who may probably violate the law.

The targets of LASRETRAD are numerous and enhanced. They incorporate rewarding inhabitants and proprietors in a reasonable, capable and sensible way, advancing property ventures and disentangling the techniques of government strategies in such manner with the end goal of improving consistence with worldwide prescribed procedures in Real Estate Transaction in Lagos State.

So as to be increasingly steady of the defenseless in the general public, LASRETRAD is to screen consistence with the Lagos State Tenancy Law, Criminal Law as it identifies with Real Estate Transactions and other enactment ashore exchanges in the state. Authorized Estate Agents, issue and restore their licenses every year, and arraign operators associated with having disregarded the pertinent laws in this segment.

With the current complex serious property advertise, this administrative system will have the effect as the new foundation is an ideal rundown of the ongoing past, current turns of events and conditions required for the supportable development of the state.

The reason for existing is to upgrade Lagos’ situation as a speculation goal and to additionally make a feasible atmosphere for simplicity of working together in the state. The way toward distinguishing people qualified to be authorized as Estate Agents included structure a database that will transform into a one of a kind Estate Agent Identification Number (EAIN).

The foundation of the Department by the previous organization of Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) is planned for expanding the availability of Lagosians to reasonable homes, and with this devoted office set up, the residents of Lagos state are welcome to another first light in Real Estate practice.


(Exceptional Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Housing)

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