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Lovely Bera Estate Chevron-Drive Lekki Lagos State
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Bera estate is situated along Chevron drive by UBA, Chevron Area of Lagos State off the Lekki – Epe turnpike. It is around 30 min to 1-hour drive to Victoria Island during heavy traffic and 20 minutes without traffic (commonly during ends of the week). Bera Estate severed from Chevy View Estate and has separate administration Bera Estate Residents Association. While Chevy View domain isn’t solely private as there are various organizations inside running from schools, inns and different workplaces. Bera domain is more private and in this way much more unbending regarding security. In Chevy View, non-inhabitants can enter the domain openly, despite the fact that vehicle checks are led on vehicles entering and leaving the home at times.

Most houses in the home are duplexes (semi and completely segregated) and porches. A large number of the structures were worked by domain designers who purchase grounds, fabricate and afterward sell. Property thankfulness inside the domain is high a direct result of its area, nature, and better traffic circumstance when contrasted with places further down towards Ajah.

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