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Everything You Need About Ocean Bay Estate in Ochid Road Lekki Lagos
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Everything You Need About Ocean Bay Estate in Ochid Road Lekki Lagos.

There are different kinds of houses accessible in the home. The home engineer fabricated 166 units of 3 model houses at first and sold the rest of the land in the bequest as adjusted plots. People and property engineers ordinarily develop duplexes, 2 and 3 room loft squares, maisonettes and so on. One of such advancements by a property engineer is Peace court, created by Kalyteros Nig. Ltd., involving 4 units of 4 room patios, 3 room maisonettes and 2 room lofts on a section of land of land (4000 sqm).

Run of the mill property costs:

Land-₦65,000 per sqm

3 rooms overhauled condo – ₦25 million (deal); 1.8 million (lease)

3&4 rooms terraced duplex – ₦40 million – 50 million (deal) ; 2 million – 2.8 million (lease)

4&5 rooms semi-disengaged duplexes: ₦55 million – 75 Million (Sale); ₦2.5 million – 3.5 million (Rent)


To purchase land inside the domain, confirm in the event that you are purchasing straightforwardly from the home or from an optional market merchant.

When purchasing from an optional market merchant (a person that purchased from the bequest and now needs to sell), affirm if the land has been enlisted at the state land library. On the off chance that it has been enlisted (the proprietor is as of now preparing his governors assent), you approach him for the land enrollment subtleties, so you lead a pursuit at the land library, to affirm his case of possession and to decide whether there are any encumbrances on the land.

On the off chance that it hasn’t been enlisted, at that point you get an inquiry letter from the merchant, routed to Legacy Realties, guiding them to affirm to you his cases of responsibility for land.

In the wake of checking the venders’ case of proprietorship and paying for the land, get a letter from the dealer routed to Legacy Realties, educating them that he has offered to you and possession rights ought to be transfered to you.

You would pay an exchange expense of ₦1 million to Legacy Realties to give new proprietorship records. Notwithstanding, if the land has been enlisted at state land vault, you don’t need to pay the ₦1 million exchange expense.

At the point when you need to begin expanding on your property, you have the alternative to pay Legacy Realties ₦500,000 to do a plan of the structure for you, or plan it all alone and afterward pay an expense of ₦120,000 to survey your plan and offer endorsement to manufacture. Additionally, before you start development, you pay a development charge of ₦200,000 to take care of expense of bequest framework that might be harmed throughout your development venture.

After the fulfillment of building, you at that point pay power and water association charge of ₦2 million.

We can help you in securing properties in Ocean Bay bequest and different pieces of Lagos state. If you don’t mind reach us on or call +234-8023985766 in the event that you are keen on any of them.

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